"KB Promsvyaz" Ltd

"KB Promsvyaz" Ltd

Design Bureau of Industrial Communication takes its origins
from 1958 as the Productive and Technical Laboratory
under radio, broadcasting and television management of Kazakh SSR.

Being as the successors, the team of radio engineers was at the forefront of opening television and radio broadcasting in Kazakhstan. These Labor veterans convey love for the industry, share knowledge and experience which was accumulated for more than dozen years.

Having a vast experience, we are not only certified as domestic manufacturer of television and radio broadcasting equipment, but also the developers of promising solutions industry.

Currently we are releasing essential analog television and radio transmitters, amplifiers, antenna-feeder systems, technical solutions for monitoring and controlling of broadcasting complexes.

The company has highly qualified specialists in the design, manufacture and maintenance of radio and television equipments.

The primary users of the manufactured equipment are private and public TV and radio operators.

Our products have been certified by the Republic of Kazakhstan and have a registered trademark. We also entered in the register as a domestic manufacturer and have a certificate of CT-KZ. Our specialists developed normative documents: Standards organization of production, including "Digital TV Transmitters.
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